General conditions


If it is not possible to travel to Jávea due to Covid measures taken by the Spanish government or by the government of your own country, you can change the dates of your reservation to a new arrival date until 31-12-23 at the latest.

1) In case of a change up to 4 weeks before arrival, the amount of the first payment will be used for the new reservation. There will be no refund.

2) In case of a change between 4 weeks (date of rest payment) and 2 weeks before arrival, the amount of the rest payment will be refunded. The amount of the first payment will be used for the new reservation.

3) In case of a change from 2 weeks before arrival to the arrival date, the amount paid up to that time will be used for the new reservation and no refund will be made.

If you do not know the dates for a new reservation at this time, you will receive a voucher for a new reservation with the arrival date at the latest on 31-12-23.


 1. Payment of your reservation. The booking is confirmed once 30% of the amount of the accomodation + the total of the extras has been paid. This amount must be received by Webvillas no later than 7 days after the booking date. The remaining balance must be received by Webvillas no later than 28 days before the start of the rental period. Every payment will be confirmed by email.
In case of a reservation, done within 28 days before the date of arrival, the total amount is due to be paid at once.
There are 2 possibilities to do your payment:
a) Banktransfer: Payments can be made to account number IBAN: ES75 0081 0660 0600 0232 7834 (BIC/SWIFT code: BSABESBB) with Banco Sabadell in Jávea in the name of Webvillas.
b) Credit or Debitcard. Go to our website and select "Online payment".  
We request you to mention your reservation number with both payments methods.

In the event that the tenant fails to make a payment in good time, Webvillas can annul the contract. No refunds will be made in such cases.  

2. Damage. In the event that the tenant is responsible for damage, loss and/or gross negligence to or of the property, the total costs will be charged to the tenant less the amount of the security deposit already paid.

3. Cancellation. In the event of cancellation by the tenant, Webvillas is entitled to retain the 30% already paid. In the event of cancellation within 28 days of the beginning of the rental period, the full rental price remains due and payable to Webvillas.

4. Supply of gas, water and electricity.
The costs for the use of water, gas and electricity are included in the rental price. 

5. Designated usage of the premises.
The rented premises are designated solely for residential usage.

6 Tenants obligations.
The tenant will use the rented premises as befits a good and careful tenant. He will not allow the rented premises to be lived in by more than X persons. The tenant may not sub-let the rented premises or any part thereof, nor may he allow any third party to use the property or any part thereof. The tenant will abide by the instructions and regulations, drawn up by Webvillas in respect of the use of the rented premises, utilities and other facilities. The tenant will ensure that no nuisance or hindrance is caused to neighbors by himself, his fellow occupants or third parties visiting the premises with his approval. After 24.00 ó clock it is forbidden to produce loud noise. The tenant is obliged to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent damage to the premises as a result of fire, storm, flooding and suchlike. The tenant must notify Webvillas immediately if any such damage occurs, or is at risk of occurring. The tenant may not store dangerous substances in the rented premises. Webvillas will offset the costs of minor household damages, such as broken glassware, crockery etc. against the security deposit.  

7. Fail of electricity, water and building activities. Webvillas can under no circumstances be held responsible for fail of electricity and/or water and for noise pollution from building activities in the surroundings, because those matters are being caused by third parties (e.g. water- and/or electricity and/or construction companies and/or local town hall).

8. Television.
Webvillas can never guarantee the receipt of television channels in your own language, even not if in a subscription of a rental property satellite- or cable television is mentioned.

9. Pets.
 Pets are only allowed if agreed by reservation.

10. Times of arrival and departure.
The rented premises will be available to the tenant from 4 pm on the day of arrival. Keys can be collected from 16.00 till 19.00 ó clock in the office of Webvillas. Please advice us as soon as possible, if you arrive later. When your arrive and the office is closed, please phone (+34)629529700.
The premises must be vacated and available to Webvillas by 10 am on the day of departure. Please leave the keys in the office or in the mailbox of the office of Webvillas.
We charge 25€ extra for arrivals after 21.00 'o clock, on a Sunday or bankholiday.

11. Inspection and reimbursement of the security deposit.
 On the day of departure or 1 day before Webvillas will do an inspection of the rented premises. In case of no damage, Webvillas reimburses the security deposit during this inspection.

12. Responsibility of Webvillas and the owner. Under no circumstances can Webvillas and/or the owner be held liable for any injury sustained by the tenant or any below occupant of the rented premises, no for any damage to the possessions and/or property of the tenant and his fellow occupants.

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